Songs for lovers of nature and for walkers of inner paths 

Hi, I am Geertjan Aleven, and I am a dutch singer songwriter. Lovers of nature and walkers of the inner path might like my music. This path and the beauty of nature are the main inspirations behind my songwriting. That and the love of songs of course! Like everybody, I grew up with songs. Simon and Garfunkel and The Eagles are what I listened to most. But of course there are many more artists, that inspire me, like Joni Mitchell, for her poetry, and James Taylor, for his melody and his sincerity. Writing songs to me is about the creation of beauty. Beauty in words, and beauty in melody. In 2016 my CD Little boy, free man came out. The album contains of 10 songs. It's mostly acoustic, folky songs, but there is also rock music and there is beautiful instrumentation, like lap steel, or a mellotron and much more. Right now I am excited to have released my new single, Seabird. It's an eco song, a song about the beauty of nature. Nature, and the loss of it, and how we might regain it, is on my mind a lot of the time, and it's slippin' into my music. On this subject I recently created an on stage performance, a mix of personal storytelling and songs. It's called "When the trees called the rain". I hope my songs and When the trees called the rain help to restore our relationship with nature. But hey, this is all just words. So feel free to roam around on this site and check out some of these songs for yourself! 

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When the trees called the rain

Ecotrip Festival, Haarlem

Het Ecotrip festival is een plek voor creativiteit en ontmoeting, voor debat en voor kunst, met duurzaamheid en klimaat als centraal thema. Het festival is ervan overtuigd dat creatieve makers iets toevoegen dat meer is dan ‘voorlichting’. Door de kracht van theater, muziek, dans, film en beeldende kunst kan het zware onderwerp klimaatcrisis worden opengebroken. Er is ruimte voor verbeelding: hoe zou de toekomst eruit kunnen zien? Er is ruimte voor gevoel: wat doet het met ons dat de wereld zo in verandering is? Er is ruimte voor reflectie, om met nieuwe ideeën over duurzaamheid in aanraking te komen. En er is gelegenheid om zelf aan de slag te gaan. Het duurzaamheidsfestival Ecotrip wil Haarlemmers informeren, inspireren en activeren.