1. Seabird

From the recording Seabird



Silver wings
Golden moon
Dark silhouette
Share your secret

There is water on your wings
And salt on your feathers
And you are so full of dreams
Full of places, and spaces
Far away

From far beyond the horizon
And from deep within
You can clearly hear their call
As the wind whips the waves into a frenzy

Your time has come
Your time has come
Nature's rhythm, nature's drum

Oh seabird
From the cold rocks of the north
To these southern sunny shores
Just look at how you rise to the occasion
So naturally

And your travels
Well they just blow my mind
If only I knew your secrets too

There's magic to your presence
It sends shivers down my spine
You're vast as the ocean
Seabird I see you in every bit of sky

Silver wings
Golden moon
Dark, dark silhoutte
Share your secret

© 2021 Geertjan Aleven